Fitness Couples

Fitness and healthy eating can be hard, but if you have someone to help and support you it is much easier.  Today is my husband, Top NPC National Level Bodybuilder Robert Wichman and I seventh wedding anniversary.  We met at the gym we worked at and support each other throughout our daily lives and fitness competitions/preps.  It definately helps having a strong support system at home and the gym.

Not only are we celebrating our wedding anniversary, but we are approaching the one year anniversary of our fitness center.  Life Transformations Fitness will have a 1st Anniversary Party on March 8, 2014.  So, fitness is not just our hobby but our profession.  Not everyone lives fitess day in and day out, but we enjoy every bit of it.  So to all you fitness couples out there, support your partner and work together.  Life is so much easier with support.  Happy Monday, Happy Fitness  and Happy Anniversary!Molly and Robert WichmanRobert and I at the NPC All Stars Championships in Kansas City, KS