Personal Training Lee’s Summit

Our Lee’s Summit Personal Training friends and clients have seen the benefits of strength training…have you.  Read below and start seeing the benefits yourself.

Some people ask…is Personal Training for me.  Yes, Personal Training is for you!  Everyone can benefit from a trainer.  Motivation, properLife Transformations lees summit Personal training lees summit 5 form, workout education, weight loss support, and many more benefits come from working with a Personal Trainer at Life Transformations Personal Training.

We have a trainer to help turn your goals into reality.  Adding a little strength training into your daily routine can have many benefits.  Below are some of the benefits:

Weight Loss- Did you know the more muscle your body has the more body fat you burn in a day? So, if you want to lose five or fifty pounds, start strength training.

Increase Bone Density-Working out with weights, bands, balls, and your own body weight can help increase bone density.

Lower Blood Pressure-Strength training can increase your heart rate, causing your body to burn body fat and speed up metabolic functions.  So, come try some strength training, cardiovascular activity, and a healthy nutrition plan and see how your body benefits.

Increase Energy-Everyone needs more energy.  If you need to stay up with active kids/grandkids, beat lethargic feelings, or just feel “energized” take up a workout.  Increasing strength and raising your cardiovascular functions help you not only feel energized…but be energized.

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