Lee’s Summit Mayor’s Character Breakfast

Lee’s Summit Cares awards Community of Character awards at the annual Mayor’s Character Breakfast.  Do you know someone who has demonstrated good character?  Click on this link and nominate them.  http://www.lscares.org/CharacterNomination.pdf

Courage-The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain with

firmness; to act in accordance with one.s beliefs in spite of criticism

Cooperation-To work together to reach a common goal.

Honesty-Truthfulness, sincerity

Perseverance-Keep to a course of action, belief or purpose without giving way.

Appreciation-Recognition of the quality, value, significance, of people & things.

Sportsmanship-Exhibiting fairness & respect to teammates & opponents; winning & losing graciously.

Citizenship-Displaying allegiance to one.s country; actively & responsibly participating in the


Family-Cohesive unit of individuals residing together, providing support & encouragement,

guidance & direction.

Respect-Honoring others with courtesy & consideration.

Responsibility-Accepting personal responsibility; acting without continual guidance or superior authority.

Self-control-Choosing to manage one.s emotions, desires, or actions & respecting the boundaries of


Kindness-To act humanely, be considerate of others.


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