Trainer Tip- Making Cardio Fun

Check out this article by Molly Wichman for  Titan Nutrition. Learn some tips to Make Cardio Fun.

With the new year right around the corner, many of us are anxious to get back to our regular schedule and start battling

some of the winter weight. The thought of stepping onto a treadmill or stairmaster probably isn’t at the top of your fun list of things to do in the new year. We asked Titan athlete Molly Wichman to give us some cardio that would break up the monotony and make the time generously fly by. Here is what she offered to help us/you out.

I find many clients say cardio is “hard,” “boring,” and “not fun.”  So, we can make it exciting and fun!  Cardiovascular training aka cardio is great for improving heart health, boosting metabolism and burning body fat.  So let’s make this healthy training FUN!

Many people ask “What is the best type of cardio?”  Answer is…cardio that you like to do.  I would rather see someone enjoy 20 minutes on a Precor AMT Trainer than dread 20 minutes on the StepMill.

I like to do intervals to make the time go faster.  Check out this 20 minute cardio training workout.  Remember to move fast and use a stopwatch to keep accurate time.

Try this:



2 minutes at 70% intensity on your favorite cardio machine
1 minute incline pushups

2 minutes at 70% intensity on your favorite cardio machine
1 minute bodyweight squats

2 minutes at 70% intensity on your favorite cardio machine
1 minute sit-ups

2 minutes at 70% intensity on your favorite cardio machine
1 minute frog jumps

2 minutes at 70% intensity on your favorite cardio machine
1 minute squat jumps

2 minutes at 70% intensity on your favorite cardio machine
1 minute air punches

2 minutes at 70% intensity on your favorite cardio machine

Remember to take each workout at your own intensity.

Have questions, contact me at

Happy training!

Team PROformations at 2017 All Star Championships

Team PROformations, the competitive team of Life Transformations Personal Training, had a group of bodybuilding, physique, classic physique, bikini, and figure athletes compete at the 2017 NPC All Star Championships, on October 28, 2017 in Kansas City, MO. All athletes competed well and coaches Robert Wichman and Molly Wichman are proud of everyone.  Here is a wrap up of the results.

Sam Williamson- Men’s Physique-3rd Masters 40-49, 3rd Place Military

Dejuan Gardenhire- Men’s Classic Physique- 1st Place Masters 35-39, 1st Place Novice, 1st Place Open, OVERALL Novice, OVERALL Open

Crystal Duke- Bikini- 5th Place Novice

Lucas Sanchez- Men’s Physique- 2nd Place Military, 1st Place Novice, 1st Place Open, OVERALL Novice

Dom Fells- Men’s Physique- 1st Place Novice

Caitlin Nelson- Bikini

Hydration in Colorado

What do you like to do on vacations?  We took a family vacation to Copper Mountain Colorado and enjoyed the scenery and outdoors.  But, there are some things to remember when traveling to the altitude and increasing physical activity.

Yes, we have an active family, but adding in the altitude factor requires a little more focus to keep going strong.

Hydration- Water is important (you should drink it everyday).  In everyday life, water is important to help joints and muscles, keep body cool, promote cardiovascular health, and cleanse your body.  Now, when in the high altitude, the more water you have, the faster you will adapt to the altitude.  So, drinking water is an easy way to avoid altitude sickness and feel better overall.  Don’t go overboard, to much water can have negative effects on your body.  So, use your best judgement.  A good way to check hydration levels is the color of your pee. Darker pee=not hydrated, lighter pee=well hydrated.

BCAAs- BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) can help with endurance and exercise capacity.  Adding some in during exercise may be beneficial.  Taking some BCAAs on a high altitude hike may give you a little boost when you need it most.  BCAAs come in a powder form that can be mixed with water.  Definitely try some out before you get to high altitude to make sure your body agrees with the supplement. My favorite BCAAs are Titan Nutrition BCAAs (use code TEAMPRO for 20% off).

On my trip to Colorado I planned my big hike around our time at high altitudes.

Day 1- Little bike ride at Copper Mountain Bike Trail (getting adjusted to altitude and exercise).  Beautiful ride with great sights.  Visit Epic Discovery on top of Vail Mountain (elevation 11,570 ft) (8 hours at high altitude).molly wichman fitness11

Day 2- Little bike ride at Copper Mountain Bike Trail towards Frisco, CO (getting more adjusted to altitude).  Visit Leadville, Co (elevation 10,152 ft) for the day,  (another day at high altitude).

Day 3- Hike Quandary Peak, elevation 14,265 ft.  Started trail at 5:30am.  Hikes 2.5 hours up, stayed at summit for 10 min, hiked 2.5 miles down.  Packed my hydration pack with water, small water bottle for Titan Nutrition BCAAs, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, banana, trail mix, beef jerky, protein bar, first aid kit, whistle, and carried hiking poles.  This was my first “14er,”  and I’m up to try another one.  Yes, I got exhausted and had labored breathing as the altitude increased, but I kept a steady pace and kept moving.  My concern was making it to the top, which I did.  Then, to get down and move on with my day.  This was definitely a test of will power and inner strength to keep moving to the top.

molly wichman fitness molly wichman fitness1 titan nutrition molly wichman

My family trip to Copper Mountain was a success.  This is the highlight of three of our six days. Fun, adventure, time with loved ones.  Now, who’s ready to take it up to the mountains?  Plan what you want and enjoy the time!



Personal Trainer Tip- Healthy Families

Life Transformations Personal Training in Lee’s Summit, shares tips on Healthy Families.  Check out this Personal Trainer Tip!

Do you want to be a healthy role-model for your children?  It doesn’t take a fitness fanatic to do this; everyday people can add simple everyday tasks into the daily routine to help make an active family.  Here are some Get Active Tips for families:

  • Walk for 30 minutes instead of watching 30 minutes of TVLife Transformations lees summit Personal training lees summit 35
  • Opt for the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Take a family walk after dinner
  • Go to the local park to play catch or tag
  • Find a local walking trail and take a nature walk
  • Walk or bike instead of driving, whenever you can
  • Park farther from the store and walk
  • Join an exercise group or enroll your children in community sportsActivity does not have to be outside; it can easily be done at home.  Check out these in home activity tips:
  • Hand wash the car at home
  • Let children help with chores around the house
  • Work in the yard.Let children help rake or pull weeds.
  • Snow shovel the driveway
  • Get up at every commercial break when watching TVThe possibilities to being active are endless.  Remember, for adults, getting physically active at least five times a week, for thirty minutes or more, will help lead you toward a happier and healthier lifestyle. For kids, being active an hour a day is a small step towards good health!
    Adults decide what kids eat and they will eat what is available, so surrounding them with healthier options leaves them no choice but to eat better food.

Competitor Posing Seminar

Join Team PROformations and Robert and Molly Wichman for a FREE Competitor Posing Seminar in St. Joseph, MO. This is a great opportunity for NPC Kansas City bodybuilding, figure, fitness, bikini, and physique competitors.

Open to competitors, those thinking of competing,or workout
enthusiasts.  Free Admission

Figure * Bikini * Fitness * Bodybuilding * Physique * Classic Physique

Hosted by Team PROformations
Robert Wichman Top National Level NPC Bodybuilder, NPC Judge
Molly Wichman IFBB Fitness Pro, NPC Judge

Saturday, April 2nd, 1:00pmTeam PROformations npc contest prep services kansas city posing seminar
Anytime Fitness
1209 N Belt Hwy Suite F
Saint Joseph, MO 64506

Phone 816-217-2762
*Call or email to ask additional questions or RSVP.

IFBB Arkansas Pro & NPC All South Championship

IFBB Arkansas Pro Women’s Figure


NPC All-South Championship – National Qualifier



Athlete Check -in

FRIDAY @ the host hotel – Little Rock Mariott

Times: Pros: 5pm Amateurs: 12-4pm or 6-8pm


Saturday Show Schedule

Saturday: Prejudging is at 10am. Finals are at 6pm!



STATE HOUSE CONVENTION CENTER 101 East Markham Street, Little Rock, AR 72201


Host Hotel / Airport

Host Hotel

Book Online for a Special Rate of $109/night!

Little Rock Marriott 3 Statehouse Plaza Little Rock, AR

Book Online:

To book your room for Arkansas Pro & All South Muscle Championship, click here. Rate available 10/09/15 to 10/11/15

***You MUST book by 09/25/15***



Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport 1 Airport Dr, Little Rock, AR 72202 (501) 372-3439

life transformations personal training npc ALL SOUTH

Tips for Healthy Eating

Tips for Healthy Eating

Cook at Home– Fast food and convenience foods are usually filled with unwanted calories.  Plan ahead and take healthy snacks and meals with you.  Make healthy food convenient.Avoid hunger– Blood sugar dips when your body is hungry and causes “hunger.” Try to eat 3 small meals and 2-3 snacks per day to speed up metabolism by regulating blood sugar.Fats – Limit saturated and trans fats. Life Transformations lees summit Personal training lees summit 3113
Sodium – Extra salt is hidden in processed foods and snacks.
Sugar and Carbohydrates – Most Americans are consuming way more added sugars than the AHA recommends. Keeping tabs on what type and how much sugar you’re eating is an important part of a heart-healthy lifestyle. Learn what the AHA recommends here.   Opt for whole wheat when possible.
Suggested Servings from Each Food Group – Many Americans unknowingly over eat.  Watch portion sizes and read food labels to prevent overeating and unwanted calories.
Alcohol– It’s important to limit alcohol intake.
Involve Your Family– Making healthy choices for yourself is great. Involving your family is even better.


Life Transformations Personal Training in Lee’s Summit is locally owned and operated.  Robert and Molly Wichman work together to share their passion for fitness and health with their clients and trainers.  If you want to join a fitness environment focused on “fitness,” then Life Transformations Personal Training is for you.

Life Transformations started Personal Training Clients in 2008.  We currently train clients at Anytime Fitness (316 NE 291 Highway, Lee’s Summit, MO 64086) in the heart of Lee’s Summit.  Don’t delay…come try a training session to meet your weight loss and health goals.

What to know more about Life Transformations Personal Training? .  Stop by to check us out or contact 816-217-2762 or

Interested in sharing health and fitness with others, then contact us to schedule a trainer to do so.  Trainers are available for on site seminars for local businesses, weight loss challenges, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and the local community.  Contact us today.

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Pro Deo Youth Center Giving Tree

Life Transformations Personal Training wants to thank all of our members and friends for their generous donations for this years Giving Tree to benefit Pro Deo Youth Center.

Local fitness businesses collect holiday donations for Pro Deo Youth Center

Each year Pro Deo Youth Center, located at 200 N.E. Chipman Road, allows local businesses and individuals to adopt a family for the holiday season.

This year some local fitness centers took it a step further.

Local Lee’s Summit fitness businesses Life Transformations Personal Training, Bodies Health and Fitness and Get in Shape for Women worked together to collect donations for Pro Deo.

Ornaments with a gift or item needed by the families were given to the businesses and the fitness members and clients helped bring in the donations.

“I know many of my fitness friends from the community donate their time to the after-school program at Pro Deo, so I thought we could all join together and help collect the donations,” said Molly Wichman, owner of Life Transformations Personal Training. “It’s great to work with the other businesses in our fitness industry to help out. I appreciate each fitness business that accepted my friendly challenge to see who can collect the most items for Pro Deo.”

To learn more about Pro Deo Youth Center or to volunteer, contact Ashley Nowell at 816-226-6806.

This is a repost from the Lee’s Summit Journal.

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Life Transformations Fitness Fall Open House

Join Robert & Molly Wichman and the Life Transformations Fitness Staff for our Fall Open House in Lee’s Summit on Saturday, September 20th.  Mark your calander to come on out for some free fitness fun.

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