Hydration in Colorado

What do you like to do on vacations?  We took a family vacation to Copper Mountain Colorado and enjoyed the scenery and outdoors.  But, there are some things to remember when traveling to the altitude and increasing physical activity.

Yes, we have an active family, but adding in the altitude factor requires a little more focus to keep going strong.

Hydration- Water is important (you should drink it everyday).  In everyday life, water is important to help joints and muscles, keep body cool, promote cardiovascular health, and cleanse your body.  Now, when in the high altitude, the more water you have, the faster you will adapt to the altitude.  So, drinking water is an easy way to avoid altitude sickness and feel better overall.  Don’t go overboard, to much water can have negative effects on your body.  So, use your best judgement.  A good way to check hydration levels is the color of your pee. Darker pee=not hydrated, lighter pee=well hydrated.

BCAAs- BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) can help with endurance and exercise capacity.  Adding some in during exercise may be beneficial.  Taking some BCAAs on a high altitude hike may give you a little boost when you need it most.  BCAAs come in a powder form that can be mixed with water.  Definitely try some out before you get to high altitude to make sure your body agrees with the supplement. My favorite BCAAs are Titan Nutrition BCAAs (use code TEAMPRO for 20% off).

On my trip to Colorado I planned my big hike around our time at high altitudes.

Day 1- Little bike ride at Copper Mountain Bike Trail (getting adjusted to altitude and exercise).  Beautiful ride with great sights.  Visit Epic Discovery on top of Vail Mountain (elevation 11,570 ft) (8 hours at high altitude).molly wichman fitness11

Day 2- Little bike ride at Copper Mountain Bike Trail towards Frisco, CO (getting more adjusted to altitude).  Visit Leadville, Co (elevation 10,152 ft) for the day,  (another day at high altitude).

Day 3- Hike Quandary Peak, elevation 14,265 ft.  Started trail at 5:30am.  Hikes 2.5 hours up, stayed at summit for 10 min, hiked 2.5 miles down.  Packed my hydration pack with water, small water bottle for Titan Nutrition BCAAs, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, banana, trail mix, beef jerky, protein bar, first aid kit, whistle, and carried hiking poles.  This was my first “14er,”  and I’m up to try another one.  Yes, I got exhausted and had labored breathing as the altitude increased, but I kept a steady pace and kept moving.  My concern was making it to the top, which I did.  Then, to get down and move on with my day.  This was definitely a test of will power and inner strength to keep moving to the top.

molly wichman fitness molly wichman fitness1 titan nutrition molly wichman

My family trip to Copper Mountain was a success.  This is the highlight of three of our six days. Fun, adventure, time with loved ones.  Now, who’s ready to take it up to the mountains?  Plan what you want and enjoy the time!



American Ninja Warrior Kansas City

Kansas City American Ninja Warrior fans, who is ready for ANW Season 9?  They are all set up in front of Union Station.  Filming will be Monday April 24th and Tuesday April 25th.  The competitors have been selected; they are just putting the final touches on the course.


If you have some free time, go check out the American Ninja Warrior course.  There are some road closures (http://www.unionstation.org/ has the details), but you can still park in the Union Station Parking garage in the back of the building.  If you exit on the 3rd level you end up by the course.  Spectators can see the course (stay outside of the fence) from the Liberty Memorial or inside Union Station (go up the elevator to the 3rd floor).   IT is a pretty large setup that takes up the whole front parking lot.  Definitely something to see for anyone interested in American Ninja Warrior.


Another way to experience the course, if you were not selected to be a contestant, is to be a tester.  I had the opportunity to be a tester last weekend and it was a pretty fun experience.  This is not testing to be on the show, which involves an online application and video submission due at the beginning of the year.  Visit for more https://www.anwcasting.com/ details.  A tester helps the crew of the course test individual obstacles.  They are looking for males and females of different sizes to try the obstacles.  Then the crew may make small adjustments to the obstacle angles, handles, difficultly, etc.   You never know how it will end up for the official show. american ninja warrior kansas city 2017 molly wichman 1


I was invited to be a tester from someone I know at Apex Climbing Gym.  They have a ninja warrior training facility and offer ninja warrior classes.  After being selected, you receive an email with all of the details of being a tester.  While they told me what to bring and where to go, I didn’t know what to expect.  I went to two testing sessions.  One had about 10 testers and the other one had over 30 testers.  The crew gave directions, then let us know which obstacle we would start with.  Everyone who wanted to do that obstacle got in line, and tried it out.  They the crew would take us to another obstacle.  You never know how long we would be at that obstacle before moving on.  To get the whole experience, make sure to watch all of the testers and see how they do the obstacles with different technique.  Also, cheer on the testers and see how everyone helps and coaches testers from the sidelines.


Overall, I would say being a tester is the next best thing to being a contestant on the show.  You get to try out your skill on the course, experience the atmosphere and have some fun with like-minded individuals.  If you ever get the opportunity to be a tester, then try it out and have fun!


If American Ninja Warrior is coming to your town, check out http://on-camera-audiences.com/shows/American_Ninja_Warrior to apply to be in the audience.

american ninja warrior kansas city 2017 molly wichman 11

American Ninja Warrior Kansas City

Kansas City American Ninja Warrior fans, who is ready for ANW Season 9?  I know I am.  American Ninja Warrior is coming to Kansas City on April 24-25, 2017.  I have recently been playing around at Apex Climbing Gym in Overland Park, KS in their Ninja Warrior room.  This is a great workout and place to work on balance and grip strength.  Let me tell you what I have been up to.

In January I applied for American Ninja Warrior by submitting an application (application link).  I probably will not be selected for the show, but it was fun training. I have strength, but ninja warriors have a different type of strength.  After searching Kansas City for a ninja warrior gym, I came across Apex Climbing Gym in Overland Park, KS.  This gym fit my hours and had the training equipment to help me with ninja strength.

Next, I set up a training program.  I love to lift weights, so I kept this in my weekly schedule, but I added in Apex training. I changed my weekly schedule to have four weight training days (at Anytime Fitness Lee’s Summit or World Gym Merriam) and four Apex ninja warrior training days. 

Weight training days were as follows: quads and glutes, shoulders and abs, hamstrings and glutes, back and abs.  I changed my weight training to supersets to speed up my workouts and get my heart rate elevated.  I also added in balance, hanging and core exercises into my weight training sessions.  Then, 20-30 minutes of cardio after each weight training session. 

Apex ninja warrior training was focused on hanging and balance.  Usually, I would set up a superset of a hanging exercise and a balance exercise, and then repeat 5 times.  I would keep doing different exercises for about 60 minutes.  Sometimes I would add in some climbing in the climbing gym or some functional cardio.  Examples of supersets are:

Flexed arm hang in cannonball alley/balance on tube

Campus board/ stand on tube and roll across room

Peg board/balance on board on 1 foot

Finger board/ Slackline

So, weight training and Apex ninja warrior training made up the bulk of my training, I also like to do some on my own.  Local parks are filled with workout and ninja warrior training apparatuses.  We live in Lee’s Summit, where our Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation program has built some outstanding parks and trails.  Look at a park and see where you can jump, hang. Balance, push or pull yourself to do a workout.  You can have a lot of fun in your own back yard.  I have the benefit of having a Lee’s Summit park less than a mile away.  One of my favorite workouts is to jog to the park, do a park workout and jog home.  This is definitely a great way to start your day.  Also, look around your house to see how you can hang or balance.  Ninja Warrior training can be fun.  Involve your family and kids to see how everyone can improve balance and strength.

american ninja warrior kansas city 2017 molly wichman



Trainer Tip- Organizing your Cabinet

Life Transformations Personal Training in Lee’s Summit, MO shares tips to help you get organized.  Most everyone has a plastic ware cabinet.  This can be a challenge to stay organized and keep from plastic ware falling out.  I’ve been there and solved the problem.  The solution is to keep it simple.  I used to have round, square, rectangles, Rubbermaid, Gladware, Hy-Vee Brand, Dollar Store brand and many more.  So, I consolidated to one brand and fewer shapes.  I choose Gladware for my family.  It is very universal, user friendly, sturdy and works for all three of us.

Here is what I did to reduce clutter and cleanup my plastic ware cabinet.  Since we take food many places, usually batch cook a weeks’ worth of food into individual meals, we use quite a bit.

So I stocked up on some new Gladware.  We have a majority of our meals in Gladware Entrée containers.  These usually come in a five pack.  These are great for meals, sandwiches, and storing extra leftovers.  Next, we use Gladware Deep Dish for larger    meals and storing larger servings of leftovers.  Both of these options are square shaped, stack well and can fit great into most coolers or bodybuilder meal bags.

personal training lees summit gladwarepersonal training lees summit gladware1personal training lees summit gladware11

Next we throw in some extras.  Gladware Mini Go is a small round container.  These are great for small servings of fruits and veggies or snacks for kiddos.  Then we add a few Gladware Dressing Cups.  These are a little secret cup that snaps in the lid of ALL Gladware.  Fill the cup with dressing, oil or what you desire and snap it right in the lid.  Last, I use some Gladware TMNT To Go circles.  These are great for my son’s lunch and snacks.  Some of my tricks for my son’s lunch at school include the To Go Circles and dressing cups.  I do chicken nuggets with ketchup, ravioli with marinara, little smokies with barbecue.

So let’s put all of these containers into motion.  Here is a picture of my plastic ware personal training lees summit gladware kpcabinet.  All lids interlock and containers stack perfect.  I’ve done the different brands of similar shaped plastic ware, but they just don’t stack very well.  Then you need to search for the correct lid for the correct container.  So save time and energy and consolidate.

Next, let’s see how the filled containers stack so nice in the fridge and cooler.  Stacks greatpersonal training lees summit gladware k and stays fresh.  The Gladware even does great in the freezer.

My goal of writing this is to help simplify your cabinets and storage.  If you are like my family…busy, like to eat healthy, and eat often…then you may benefit from organizing your plastic ware cabinet.  If you aren’t for sure what to do with your old mismatched plastic ware, donate to a thrift store or non-profit to help someone in need.

Thanks for reading.  Happy organizing!

Personal Trainer Recipe- Pumpkin Protein Muffins

Lee’s Summit fitness friends, here is a healthy recipe for Pumpkin Protein Muffins.  Life Transformations Personal Trainers, in Lee’s Summit, share clean eating tips.  Enjoy as a complete meal on the go.  Make ahead and grab and go.  Need to travel, place some premade Pumpkin Protein Muffins in the freezer to take to your destination.  By the time you get there, they should still be cold.  Don’t give up on your goals when out of town or on the go…just plan ahead.

Pumpkin Protein Muffins


2 Cups Oat or wheat flourmolly-wichman-fitness-pumpkin-protein-muffins

4 Scoops vanilla whey protein

1 tsp Baking Soda

1 tsp Baking Powder

1/2 tsp Salt

6 tsp Ground Cinnamon

1 tsp Nutmeg

1/2 Cup Sugar Free Syrup or agave


1 Cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

2 tsp Vanilla Extract

1/2 Cup Liquid Egg Whites or

4 oz Unsweetened Applesauce

15 oz of 100% Pure Pumpkin


Preheat oven to 350. Spray 2 muffin pans with non-stick spray. Mix dry ingredients in one bowl and wet ingredients in a separate bowl. Combine and mix well. Distribute batter evenly into 21 separate muffins. Bake for about 30 minutes.

Personal Trainer Tip- Coconut Oil

Life Transformations Personal Training in Lee’s Summit, shares tips on coconut oil.  Check out this Personal Trainer Tip!

Have you heard of coconut oil?  It is pretty trendy in the health and wellness world.  This product is trendy…but good.  Coconut oil is one of the few foods that can be classified as a superfood.  It has many great health benefits.  Coconut oil is a fat, but a healthy fat.  Read up on some of the health benefits of coconut oil, and some different uses that may be a surprise.life transformations personal training lees summit trainer tip coconut oil 1.png

Coconut Oil for Health

Coconut oil is one of the richest sources of saturated fat, but not the unhealthy saturated fat.

According to Kris Gunners with Nutrition Authority, “It contains so-called Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) – which are fatty acids of a medium length. Most of the fatty acids in the diet are long-chain fatty acids, but the medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil are metabolized differently. They go straight to the liver from the digestive tract, where they are used as a quick source energy or turned into so-called ketone bodies, which can have therapeutic effects on brain disorders like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s.”

Coconut oil, like other fats, can help reduce hunger.  Adding coconut oil into your daily breakfast routine can leave you feeling fuller during the day and reduce hunger pains.  What does staying on track lead to…weight loss. So, adding some fats in your diet can lead to reducing body fat.

Do you have high cholesterol levels?  Again, coconut oil may be something for you. According to Kris Gunners with Nutrition Authority, “Coconut oil is loaded with saturated fats, which actually do not harm the blood lipid profile like previously thought. Studies in both humans and rats show that coconut oil improves important risk factors like Total, LDL and HDL cholesterol, which may translate to a reduced risk of heart disease.”

Uses for Coconut Oil

Now you may have seen coconut oil used in other products as well.  Shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and many more products are now advertising “Includes Coconut Oil.” It may seem odd to have a food product in your beauty product, but there are many great uses for coconut oil.

According to http://wellnessmomma.com, there are many great uses for coconut oil. Some of these may be a surprise, but read up and learn some coconut oil tips.

  1. In cooking as a great oil with a high smoke point. Great for baking, stir-fry’s or as a dairy free replacement to butter.
  2. Added to foods or drinks daily for energy
  3. As a coffee creamer when emulsified into coffeelife transformations personal training lees summit trainer tip coconut oil 11.png
  4. On the skin as a basic lotion
  5. In homemade lotion bars for soft, smooth skin
  6. In homemade deodorant or deodorant bars
  7. As an eye-makeup remover
  8. As a cloth diaper safe diaper cream (just rub on baby’s bottom)
  9. In making your own toothpaste
  10. To lighten age spots when rubbed directly on the skin
  11. To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy
  12. To support healthy thyroid function
  13. To help increase sun tolerance and avoid burning
  14. As a naturally SPF 4 sunscreen
  15. In homemade lotion recipes
  16. As a delicious tropical massage oil
  17. It’s high Lauric acid and MCFA content helps boost metabolism
  18. A tiny dab rubbed on your hands and then through hair will help get rid of frizz
  19. In homemade soap for laundry
  20. Mixed with equal parts sugar for a smoothing body scrub (use in the shower)
  21. Rubbed on lips as a natural chap stick
  22. Topically, can help skin heal faster after injury or infection
  23. As an incredibly intensive natural conditioner- Rub into dry hair, put a shower cap on and leave for several hours
  24. Rub coconut oil on the inside of your nose to help alleviate allergy symptoms
  25. Can help improve cholesterol ratios
  26. Blend a tablespoon into hot tea to help speed recovery from cold or flu
  27. In Homemade Natural Bug-Off Lotion Bars
  28. As a replacement for vegetable oils in any recipe or in cooking
  29. Can help reduce appearance of varicose veins
  30. After initial heat is gone, can help speed healing of sunburn
  31. Is an immediate source of energy when eaten that isn’t stored as fat
  32. As a natural shave cream and after shave lotion
  33. To season cast iron skillets
  34. It’s anti-inflammatory properties can help lessen arthritis
  35. Can reduce the itch of mosquito bites
  36. Can help resolve acne when used regularly
  37. Can be rubbed into scalp daily to stimulate hair growth
  38. A small amount can be rubbed into real leather to soften and condition (shiny leather only… test a small area first)
  39. Mixed with salt to remove dry skin on feet
  40. Can help improve sleep when taken daily
  41. To dilute essential oils for use on skin
  42. A tablespoon melted into a cup of warm tea can help sooth a sore throat
  43. For pets struggling with skin issues when used externally
  44. As a completely natural baby lotion
  45. On hands after doing dishes to avoid dry skin
  46. Many use it as an anti-aging facial moisturizer
  47. Can relieve the pain of hemorrhoids when used topically
  48. Can boost circulation and help those who often feel cold
  49. On cuticles to help nails grow
  50. Rub into elbows daily to help alleviate dry, flaky elbows
  51. Whipped with shea butter for a soothing body balm
  52. Naturally clears up cold sores

Now that we are familiar with coconut oil, pick some up the next time you are at the store.  Most grocery stores, health markets, wholesale stores, and supplement stores carry coconut oil.  It is pretty cost efficient.

Post Holiday Beauty Detox

Lee’s Summit fitness friends, here are some tips by makeup artist Angela Alessi on post holiday beauty detox. Life Transformations Personal Training is excited to try these tips!

I’m sure this post seems long and dreadful but your body and your skin will thank you for taking on some of these tips!

New Year, New You right?! No matter how hard we try to be on our best behavior during the af3c81_c16663af4ec44f64a01313d6d372ff28holiday season, we all slip up a little bit. So now that the festivities have officially concluded its time to get back on that grind and wake up feeling like the beautiful boss chick that you are! Whether you’re feeling like a slug with no energy or look in the mirror and have a mini panic attack, I have some tips that may help you out!

However, before loading up on nutrients you must realize you have to cut certain things out. The main things you want to avoid right now are going to be: Processed foods, Refined Sugars, Dairy,  Artificial Sweeteners,  Gluten. These are toxins in your body that will show their effects on you physically as well as mentally.

And especially if you have been having an upset tummy, try eliminating these things. You will start feeling better with in a few days. KEEP IN MIND when you start eliminating toxins you may experience mucus and congestion, fatigue, irritability, acne, headaches, low energy. However detoxing is a must if the goal is to clear up skin, get radiant hair and nails, loose a few pounds, gain some energy back, and even improve emotional stability.

Now, begin your beauty process from the inside out with nutrient rich foods, teas, and juices. Drink water! Gulp it down! You are 90 percent water, you need it, you love it (you really will love it when you start seeing the benefits)! Eat breakfast! I can’t do without my morning oatmeal. I say oatmeal because it’s fiber rich which will help your body eliminate gross things, and when gross things aren’t in your body they don’t show up on your body. For radiance try adding in some pears for extra hydration and walnuts for omega-3’s. As a midday pick-me-up you may want to indulge in a beauty tea or juice! My favorite is BB Detox by Kusmi Tea. This beauty beverage has all the juicy stuff your skin craves! Or perhaps you’d rather just enjoy some fresh squeezed juice, vitamin c rich fruits like orange, grapefruit, pineapple, and papaya are all wise choices. Lastly, make sure you incorporate some vitamin D, if you’re feeling adventurous try snaking on some Dulse (dried seweed) not only is low calories, zero fat, zero carb its going to balance electrolytes and fluid levels which may reduce undereye puffiness.

As for your skin you maybe experiencing dryness, dullness, acne, and undereye puffiness at the moment. Here are some ways to topically get your skin back shape as well.

Dry Skin: Moisturizer! It works wonders! Directly apply a moisturizer after cleansing skin, that way it locks the moisture in. You may also consider trying a DIY mask, mix half a cucumber and a tablespoon of plain yogurt in a blender and spread a thick layer on to the face, let sit for 5-10 minutes, rinse with lukewarm water and your skin refried to refreshed! Or try the Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque.

Dull Skin: Vitamin C is key! Not only will it repair skin collagen, but as an extra perk it prevents cellulite from being so visible. Apart eating or drinking your Vitamin C Invest in a Vitamin C Serum, try Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster by Ole Henriksen.

Undereye Puffiness/Darkness: Get some sleep, you’d be surprised at how rejuvenated you look after a good nights sleep. However if schedule doesn’t allow, try wrapping ice cubes in tea bags, the tannin in tea bags reduce swelling and discoloration. Or to reduce the appearance of dark circles, age spots, and pigmentation place crescent sliced avocado under your eyes for 20 minutes. If you rather not DIY try good ol’ Preparation H Cream under the eyes to shrink down puffiness. Or, to brighten undereyes try Orgins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream.

Acne: If you one of the blessed ones that dont suffer from hormonal and cystic acne then its easy to banish away the holiday breakout. First drink a lot, and I mean a lot of water. Secondly, sweat. Work up a good sweat with activities, exercise, or just by sitting in the sauna. That will flush the bacteria right out. Be sure you cleanse your skin before and after sweat sessions! You may also want to apply a spot treatment over night, I like Drying Lotion by Mario Badescu.

View full article blog from Angela Alessi at  http://www.angelaalessimakeup.com/#!angela-alessi-makeup-blog/csnw

NPC Kansas City Shows

There is one key thing that I get from attending the Kansas City NPC bodybuilding, figure, fitness, bikini, physique shows…MOTIVATION.  Attending a show as a spectator, coach or helping behind the scenes always leaves me motivated to work harder.  Yes, fitness and exercise is my passion and lifestyle.  Yes I love to workout and leave a healthy lifestyle.  But, being around my fitness friends always inspires me to work harder.  If you have never attended a Kansas City NPC bodybuilding, figure, fitness, bikini, physique shows, I would suggest going and checking one out.  The shows will usually have morning Pre-Judging and evening Finals.  You can go to just one or both.  The environment is focused on the athletes competing.  But, you will see all of their hard work show when they hit the stage.  Check it out and be inspired! Here is a link to some 2015 NPC Kansas City Shows.

Sometimes I feel like an island.  Meaning, I’m the only IFBB Athlete in my area…no one understands what I’m doing…this training is hard.  But, being apart of our Kansas City NPC bodybuilding, figure, fitness, bikini, physique shows reminds me I have competitor friends around.  The Kansas City, Springfield, and St. Louis bodybuilding scene is thriving and growing.  I like to take this motivation and use it till the next show.  As an athlete, spectator, prep coach, or judge, I am honored to be apart of the NPC and IFBB Kansas City bodybuilding, figure, fitness, bikini, physique industry.

molly wichman kansas city figure and bikini contest prep coach molly wichman kansas city figure and bikini contest prep coach 1 molly wichman kansas city figure and bikini contest prep coach 2

Healthy Lifestyle Seminar Lee’s Summit

Join Life Transformations Personal Trainer, Molly Wichman, for a free seminar on basic exercise and nutrition tips you can apply to your life. Living a healthy lifestyle does take a little work, but it can be done for you and your family! Come learn how. This is a free health seminar open to the Lee’s Summit and surrounding community.


Tuesday, July 14th 6:00-7:00pmLife Transformations Personal Trainer Molly Wichman Healthy Lifestyle Seminar

Hosted by Porter Chiropractic

706 E Langsford Rd

Lee’s Summit, MO 64063

Phone:(816) 524-5838

*Giveaways, healthy samples and more


Seminar is free to the community. RSVP to Molly Wichman at 816-405-3166 or molly@lifetransformations-kc.com. Check our FaceBook Event for more details.

Lee’s Summit Mayor’s Character Breakfast

Lee’s Summit Cares awards Community of Character awards at the annual Mayor’s Character Breakfast.  Do you know someone who has demonstrated good character?  Click on this link and nominate them.  http://www.lscares.org/CharacterNomination.pdf

Courage-The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain with

firmness; to act in accordance with one.s beliefs in spite of criticism

Cooperation-To work together to reach a common goal.

Honesty-Truthfulness, sincerity

Perseverance-Keep to a course of action, belief or purpose without giving way.

Appreciation-Recognition of the quality, value, significance, of people & things.

Sportsmanship-Exhibiting fairness & respect to teammates & opponents; winning & losing graciously.

Citizenship-Displaying allegiance to one.s country; actively & responsibly participating in the


Family-Cohesive unit of individuals residing together, providing support & encouragement,

guidance & direction.

Respect-Honoring others with courtesy & consideration.

Responsibility-Accepting personal responsibility; acting without continual guidance or superior authority.

Self-control-Choosing to manage one.s emotions, desires, or actions & respecting the boundaries of


Kindness-To act humanely, be considerate of others.